BL@CK-jocker was here...
  • BL@CK-jocker Was Here...


just for send a message to the world

Message for World :

In The Name Of Freedom
I Love Persian...

"I fight for my country. My Life For Iran
Stop killing women and children in Palestine.
Stop Iran sanctions...
Persia never sleep.It's a Cyber ​​War ...

Message for Admin :

Hey admin...

Welcome to your site

Now shut up and just look at me

Your Security is Very Low
(((((((((((((((IRANIAN HACKERS ARE THE BEST)))))))))))))))


About Site Defacer

Me :

My name is BL@CK-jocker
My country is Iran.
I'm the black hat hackers
Never Forget Me I'am The king.

Special Tanks for :

All Members Of The Danger Team and Best Iranian hackers

Contact Me :

™Danger Team™