Cochin Campus (A Black Cat International Initiative) Welcomes You,


COCHIN CAMPUS is an Institution of Engineering academic excellence and is established in the year 1998 with the goal of rendering quality education and training to the needy people.

The Cochin Campus has varied interests in Man power recruitment, Distance Education and One Sitting Degree Courses.etc.The main aim of our Campus is to educate the people from the grass root level in particular and reach towards the globalization of education in general within a time bound frame work.

Our Campus provides quality education,skill up graduation and training to all by using innovative technologies and methodologies and ensuraning convergence of existing system for massive human resource required for promoting integrated national development and global understanding.

Our education programs are very professional,cost effective and designed for people having busy life.We are committed to moulding students who are intellectually alert,socially sensitive and physically fit for modern world.The efforts are taken to promote borderless education at the global level.


  • To instill interest amoung the students to be competitive at global level.
  • To develop critical thinking,effective communication and learning skills in students.
  • To handle the ever changing technology effectively.
  • To promote the value of ethical behavior,responsibility and commitment.


  • To develop the overall personality of the student.
  • Characters to attain socio-economical and technological growth at global level.
  • To make the students explore their creative self.
  • To impart world class technical education.
  • To fulfill the educational needs of a culturally diverse student body by achieving excellence in teaching and learning.

​"Education is a liberating force,and in our age it is also democratizing force,cutting across

the barriers of caste and class,smoothing out inequalities imposed by birth and other


-Indira Gandhi

Our Other Major Activities,

  • Embassy Attestation

​          (United Arab Emirates, Oman,Qatar,Kuwait,KSA etc)

  • HRD Consultancy
  • Worldwide Manpower Supply
  • Overseas Education Consultancy
  • Investment Solution
  • Tour Operations
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Commercial Vehicle Finance
  • General Trading
  • Share Trading

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